Own machine park

Enovio has its own machine park equipped with modern laboratory equipment and industrial equipment for metal processing and for the production of photovoltaic panels. Thanks to this, we are practically independent of the supply of components from distant countries.

Our equipment
Photovoltaics - SMT line Yamaha

SMT line Yamaha (Japan): Maximum wafer size: 640x480mm Stringer Komax XCell 2 (USA): 125×125, 156×156 cells, cut cells

Laser cut - Mazak

Laser Mazak (Japan) Optiplex Nexus 3015: Black Steel, O2: 15mm Black Steel, N2: 5mm Stainless Steel, N2: 8mm Aluminum, N2: 8mm Copper, O2: 4mm Brass, N2: 4mm

Press brake - Amada

Amada Press Brake (Japan) HFE 3i 130 3:7 axis Beam length: 3140mm Bending force: 1300kN

CNC center - Emmegi

CNC machining center Emmegi (Italy) Phantomatic T3 StarProfile: 4300×270 mm Machined surfaces: 3 Double miter saw Emmegi (Italy) Classic MagicProfile: 500mm-4m Cutting range: 90 – 22 degrees Material: aluminum Machining centers CNC 5 axis machining center Haas ( USA) VF-4 Travels in 3 axes: 1270 x 508 x 635 mm Tilting rotary table d=200 T_Eco lathe 530 x 1500/2000 Max turning length 1500 Max turning diameter 530 Welding center Siegmund 16 tables and system Emmegi rotary table